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Can you design my space using Monta furniture ?

Yes we can. We are able to work with your measurements taken at your property to make CAD design at our studio. Alternatively we can arrange visit at your place at small charge to get full site measurements. Our furniture are easy to install but if you have no experience we are happy to help with whole design process. 

Why should I choose Monta furniture ?

Our furniture are designed and made with great attention to details. Foundation of company is quality and durability. We never cut corners to save money on the furniture components. They are easy to assemble on site by any person not only our specialist fitters.

Can I install Monta furniture myself ?

Yes. We can send our furniture assembled to your site ready to be put together by yourself or your fitter. Alternatively we can send furniture in pieces to be assembled on site. Please be aware and make sure that larger furniture can be go through your house or to other floors. 

Can you deal with whole installation process ? 

Yes. We can install our furniture on site. To make this happen you are required to arrange us to visit your place to deal with whole design first. We only install our furniture if design was prepared by us in first place. Please call our sales team to arrange site visit. 

What is your delivery time ?

Our delivery time depend on the type of furniture. Many parts are stocked in our warehouse ready for furniture to be assembled but some materials are for speciall order which can extend production time. 

We more likely will have many carcasses options which can be delivered first in some cases which can than be followed by another delivery of doors. Our sales team will be happy to discuss your requirements and possible options. 

Can I collect Monta furniture ?

We are using many delivery companies which are delivering on daily basis. Our company has two manufacturing warehouses which makes it difficult sometimes to organize collection this is why we prefer to organize it in best possible way for you.  

Can you arrange delivery to other areas of my property like first or second floor ?

This mostly depend on delivery type. If you will request that option on delivery we can send two people to manage delivery to other parts of your property. This option is only available when we send our internal drivers. 

Do you have showroom ?

Yes. We have small showroom in one of our warehouses. We are happy to show you some of our furniture and samples.

Can I order a sample ?

Yes. We have many samples in stock. In some cases we may have to make a colour sample at additional cost. 

In some cases we unfortunately have to cover the cost of other brands samples which has to go towards client account.  We will do our best where we can to organize samples at no cost. 

Can I return your products ?

Most of our products are made to measure and due to that reason thay ca’t be returned. Return option is only available for smaller stocked items. Please check with our team before placing an order, they can confirm over the email if goods can be returned.

Is there a warranty on Monta products ?

Yes. We offer warranty on all our products. Warranty duration depend on the type of the product. Please always ask for warranty card which will show duration of warranty.

Do you offer after sales maintenance services ?

Yes. We can deal with all kind of repairs on site. As we know our products really well we will be happy to help.

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